Canadian currency fluctuates a lot and for Canadians, exchange rates and weak currency can make traveling expensive. There are still a lot of affordable vacations for those willing to hunt for them. This page will make it a little easier to dig up some of the cheapest places to travel from Canada:

1) Mexico; with currency that is affordable to Canadians and flights that are reasonably priced, Mexico remains one of Canadian’s top tourist destinations. The country continues to increase investments and focus on the tourism industry. There are no shortages of resorts, amenities and beautiful beaches. Lesser known, there are also a lot of museums, ruins and historical monuments to be explored as well.

2) Cuba; Unfortunately for their Southern neighbours, Canadians benefit a lot from the United States inability to travel to Cuba. Historically, there has been no entrance for Americans into the country, however, open arms are extended to Canadian travellers. Cuba is known for its architecture, food and, of course, beaches.

3) The Philippines; The flight itself will be your biggest outlay here but have no fear; once you arrive, your dollar will stretch! Food, accommodation, car rental, and drinks are all reasonably priced in The Philippines not to mention the gorgeous climate, landscape and topography that the country has to offer. Good news for Canadian travelers as well; flight prices are dropping, especially for residents or travelers from the west coast.

4) Greece; Once again, the flight may cost a little more upfront but you’d be amazed how far your dollar will stretch once you have arrived. The wine, music, views and architecture are not to be missed. If you are looking to save money, consider avoiding places like Santorini (do a day trip!) and try staying somewhere like Crete.

5) Bulgaria; Because it remains an underrated destination, Bulgaria remains a hidden gem for Canadian travelers. Beautiful resorts and coast lines make it a definite must see!