Many of us travel in the winter or summer months, with some of the months in between getting overlooked. With that said, May is actually (arguably) one of the absolute best months to travel. This holds especially true if your dream destination is a little out of your price range, as travel tends to be significantly cheaper (airfare all the way to accommodation) during off season, a category which May tends to fall into. Though sometimes and some places may have off peak or unpredictable weather or less hustle and bustle, its worth saving the money to visit, especially;

1) Spain; you will find you will get to avoid a lot of crowds at the major attractions and in major cities like Barcelona. This will allow you to do more. In addition, you will get to experience more of the culture as there will be much less emphasis on tourism, and who doesn’t love meeting locals?! The weather tends to still be warm in May and you will even get to avoid the unbearable heat.

2)Canada; namely Toronto, Ottawa and (if you don’t mind rain), Vancouver. It is no secret that a lot of Canada has extremely cold winters, sometimes unbearably so (especially for foreigners). May is a beautiful time to visit, especially cities like Toronto and Ottawa that get extreme heat and extreme cold, it is a balanced time to visit in terms of weather. Things will be cheaper, easier to access and there will still be a lot going on!

3) Sweden; The days start to get a lot longer in May, giving you almost endless hours of daylight to see as much as you want. The country is beautiful, especially when it comes back to life after the long winter. Airfare is also affordable, especially from other European and surrounding countries.