Ottawa’s airport is actually surprisingly small and barely constitutes an international airport and as such, the all inclusive vacation destinations are more limited than nearby cities such as Toronto and Montreal. In addition, the prices tend to be a little bit more expensive to reflect this. Nevertheless, there are still options for those who want to, or need to travel from Ottawa. Ottawa is also a great airport to fly out of if you do have young kids as it is small, and less overwhelming for both you and them.

Some of the locations include:

Punta Cana

The beauty of Punta Cana isn’t just its beaches and resorts, but also the fact that you can make the trip exactly what you want it to be. Because there are so many resorts, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and desires (including your budget) as well a vacation package that offers enough time to relax depending on how much time you have. In addition, there are many family friendly resorts to help ensure everyone in your crew has a great time.


There are handful of destinations to pick from if you are interested in visiting Cuba. Varadero offers rich culture and places like Cayo Coco are more resort heavy, offering amenities and hassle free vacations. The great relationship between Canada and Cuba make it an ideal travel destination.


Similarly to Cuba, there are a handful of cities to pick from, some more affordable than others. Mexico is a great option if you are into food and offers luxury at a less than luxurious price. In addition to this, it is another great option if you are bringing the family along as there are a number more family friendly resorts here than some other destinations, locations or resorts.