Mexico is a popular vacation and travel destination and not surprisingly so since it boasts beautiful coastlines, ample resorts and amenities. It has a rich culture, delicious food and activities for people of all ages,interests and nationalities. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the large draw to Mexico is the fact it is an affordable vacation destination.

Whether you are looking for all inclusive or looking to be more adventurous and discover the quaint small towns and rich culture, Mexico is an affordable and interesting destination. Based on its location, it is evidently and arguably most affordable to travel to Mexico from North America, especially bigger cities in the United States and Canada.

For those from other places throughout the world that does not mean that it will cost you an arm and a leg to travel to Mexico, but rather that you should keep an eye on sales, reliable sites and consider traveling from larger cities and airports to help ensure your flights don’t break the bank. In addition, keep an eye out for flights to airports in Mexico that are known to be cheaper. There are 5 airports that are known to be cheaper to fly in to:

1) Cabo Saint Luca

2) Mexico City

3) Cancun

4) Guadalajara

5) Puerto Vallarta

Compare the prices of flights by using online platforms or seek professional advice and sit down with a travel agent. Saving money on flights allows you to free up some extra dollars for all the other amazing things that Mexico has to offer. Consider visiting museums in the capital city, the dreamy beaches in Riviera Maya and the casinos in Cancun. Whatever you are into, Mexico is a great way to get away on a budget. Don’t forget to read travel blogs like this for pro tips and information on traveling and on finding deals, bargains and ways to save.