Air Canada is actually the largest airline in Canada and has been around since 1937, making it one of the oldest as well. Air Canada serves 182 countries and is one of only two domestic airlines in Canada. Its size and market position enable the airline to offer some impressive deals on vacation packages and getaways. As a matter of fact, they have an entire website dedicated solely to vacations and vacation packages!

Some of their top selling packages worth looking into include:

All Inclusive

Because it is a Canadian airline, it follows that the all inclusive deals largely include vacations in Mexico (places like Cancun), Cuba ( like Varadero), Jamaica, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. These destinations are common desired destinations for Canadian and North American travelers.


If you are looking for a hassle free trip to Europe and want to take the planning out of it, Air Canada has packages for that too. Some of the trips include trips to Barcelona, Rome, Nice and Lisbon. Many of these packages are 7 days in length and often include at least one meal everyday. The prices tend to be relatively reasonable, bearing in mind you are paying for the convenience.

Las Vegas

There is a portion of their site dedicated just to Las Vegas as it is an extremely popular destination. Packages vary from 3 to 10 days with the ability to choose packages with or without meals and different tiers of accommodation are available.

Canada & The USA

Typically domestic travel tends to be extremely expensive within Canada and to certain parts of the United States. For this reason, packages to Canada and the USA are more scarce and evidently more costly as well. Sometimes you can find deals to places like Orlando or Hawaii, but you have to keep your eyes peeled.