We all have a lot going on; work, school, family, friends, kids- it can be a lot to handle and sometimes we just need a break. That’s where we all turn to our friend Mr. Vacation. Vacations are something we all look forward to and that are often much needed but sometimes they can be tricky to plan and organize. Don’t let your sunshine be shaded by the cloud that is planning. If you are stumped on where to go and having trouble planning your vacation, consider the following destinations;

1) Mexico; with a variety of different places and cities popular for vacationers all over the world, Mexico has a lot to offer and the best part? For a reasonable price. There are the casinos of Cancun all the way to the museums and ruins in Mexico city. For the budget traveler who is looking for a little bit of everything, consider Mexico

2) Spain; Rich culture, beautiful weather and amazing food are all things that Spain has to offer. Not to mention WINE! Spain hits that fine balance of relaxation and adventure. Barcelona’s beaches and bars all the way to the fashion forward Madrid. This is another vacation that is as expensive as you make it. It is a great option for couples looking for romance or friends looking for a party.

3) California; More expensive and arguably more lively, consider California. Here you will find bright lights, warm sun and tall palm trees. California is considered one of the United States’ best vacation destinations. Boasting diverse and extremely unique food and some of the most sought after and best wine in the world as well as roller coasters, beaches, shopping and, the most important part of any vacation, sunshine.

When asking yourself “Where should I go on vacation?” remember to start by identifying what you are looking to get out of the vacation; are you looking for outdoor adventure or beachside relaxation? Consider also the time of year, who you are going with, and , of course, your budget. Do your research and take your time!